Mortar and Pestle


Mortar and Pestle was invented in ancient days and has a very long history, the main usage is to grind the materials such as food, medicine into very fine powders. Now it is also one of the most common laboratory wares.

mortar and pestle

mortar and pestle

Mortar and Pestle Description;

1, Material:

porcelain, alumina, corundum, agate,etc

2, Application:

chemical, medicine, pharmaceutical, food preparation, ingredient,etc

3, Typical capacity:

60ml, 80ml, 100ml, 130ml, 160ml, 216ml, 254ml, 305ml or customized

mortar and pestle

4, Features:

1) High Temperatures                      Heat resistant up to max. temp.:

Glazed Laboratory Porcelain:                             1000°C

Unglazed Laboratory Porcelain:                          1350°C

Alsint 99.7:                                            1700°C (for load-bearing elements)

2) Laboratory Porcelain Chemical resistance

All acids (20°C): excellent *

All acids (boiling): excellent *

Warm, highly-concentrated Alkaline solutions: good

Molten alkaline salts: unsuitable

* Except hydrofluoric acid

Our laboratory porcelain wares main include Mortars, pestles, vaporising dishes, roasting dishes, melting pots, filtering pots, filter plates, plates, funnels, pebble mills, grinding clips, ladle spatulas, boats,etc

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