Evaporating Dish


Evaporating dish is one of the most common and important labware, it is the container which can be used to evaporate the liquid away from a small volume of solution. This is done to collect the solute that is dissolved in a solution. If heated by a direct flame, it will often be placed on a clay triangle for support.

Physical Parameters: Acid resistance: ≥ 99.5%, Alkali resistance: ≥ 97%, Temperature resistance: 1150 ° C for glazed and 1380 ° C for unglazed, Wear resistance: ≤ 0.03g/cm2, Water absorption rate: ≤ 0.5%, Bulk density: 2.2-2.7g/cm3, Compressive strength: ≥ 300MPa, Breaking strength: ≥ 40MPa, Thermal stability: 1400 ° C to room temperature.

Porcelain evaporating dish with handle:

evaporating dish

evaporating dish with handle

evaporating dish

evaporating dish with handle

Porcelain evaporating dish without handle:

evaporating dish

evaporating dish without handle

evaporating dish

evaporating dish without handle

Porcelain Evaporating Dish Operation Instruction:

(1) To avoid rupture, it can not be cooling suddenly after heating.

(2) After heating it can not be directly put on the experimental table, it should be firstly placed on the asbestos net, so as not to burn the experimental table.

(3) It can be heated directly with big amount of liquid inside, if with few or viscous liquid , it should be put on asbestos net or tray triangle.

(4) When heating the liquid should to be constantly stirring by a glass rod to prevent splash.

(5) After heating, you need to move the dish with the crucible clamp.

(6) It should be preheated with a small fire, and then big fire.

(7) Use a preheated crucible clamp to take the hot pan.

(8) The solution in the dish should not exceed two-thirds of its volume

Our laboratory porcelain wares mainly include crucible, mortar and pestle, ceramic evaporating dish, combustion boat, melting pots, filtering pots, filter plates, funnels, pebble mills, grinding clips, ladle spatulas, boats,etc.

Please send your detailed inquiry to email info@ceramic.vip or goodlinkceramic@gmail.com, we will reply to you within 12 hours.

Goodlink Ceramic have enough ready stock evaporating dish, so the delivery time is normally 7 days from payment.

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