Ceramic Screws

Ceramic screw is often used in high temperature and corrosive environments, or where electrical conductivity is a concern. When metal alloy fasteners or plastic fasteners fail, solid ceramic screws may be the solution.

ceramic screws 001

ceramic screw

1, Ceramic Screws Material:

Aluminium Oxide—Alumina

Zirconia Oxide—Zirconia

2, Size

1) M2 to M16

2) as per drawing

ceramic screw

ceramic screw

3, Type of head

1) Phillips flat head

2) Slotted flat head

3) Socket flat head

4) Phillips pan head

5) Slotted pan head

6) hex head

7) socket cap head


ceramic screws head type

ceramic screw head type

4, Application

1)thermal resistance

2)wear resistance

3)stable chemical performance

4)corrosion resistance

5)electrical insulation

6)high compressive strength

Below information is needed for quotation:

1, Size (better with drawing) 2, Type of head 3, Material content 4, Order quantity 5, Payment

Ceramic Screws inquiry: Please kindly provide above information to our email info@ceramic.vip or chinafineceramics@gmail.com , we will reply to you within 12 hours.

Our Materials:  



Silicon Carbide

Silicon Nitride

Boron Nitride


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