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Ceramic Parts

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ceramic parts

Ceramic Parts are widely used in various fields such as automotive, metallurgy, machinery, electronic & electrical, food, chemical, military, medical and so on. They are components of diverse geometry, applicable to projects that require high-performance components in regards to temperature, hardness or wear resistance. Parts can be supplied fitted with metal parts (cast or welded) or plastic, and with threads and high precision fittings, forming a single set for the desired application. The opportunities of application meet the most diverse industrial equipment subject to performance requirements common to continuous processes, mining, chemical, oil, and others.

1, Ceramic Parts Material:

Aluminum Oxide ( 95% 96% 99% 99.5% 99.7% AlO3), zirconia toughed alumina (ZTA), mullite, cordierite, steatite
Zirconium Oxide ( Yttria stabilized ZrO2 Y-PSZ, Mg-PSZ)
– Silicon Nitride ( gas pressure sintered & hot pressed Si3N4)
– Silicon Carbide ( reactive sintered, pressureless sintered & Recrystallization SiC)
– Aluminum Nitride
– Magnesium Oxide ( MgO)
– Machinable Glass Ceramic
– Boron Nitride

2, Application:

–Electric Insulator

–Electric Socket & Plug

–Resister Case

–Terminal Block & Base

–Heat Resist Components

–Fuse Holder

–Cigar Lighter

–Dielectric Ceramics

–Components of Various Shapes

–Focus Ring, Edge Ring

–Wafer Finger & Robot Arm

–Precision Nozzle & Disk

–Plunger, Pump & Valve

–Bolt,Nut & Clamp

–Knife & Cutter,Jig & Fixture

–Roller for Paper Manufacturing

–Mechanical Seal & Water Seal

–High Precision Components

–Ceramic Liner

–Automobile Assembly Parts

–Mechanical Seal Ring

–Susceptor & Crucible Boat

–Chemical Pump Parts

–Carbon&Graphite Components

Below information is needed for quotation:

1, Drawing  2, Material  3, Order Quantity  4, Payment

Ceramic parts inquiry: Please kindly provide information to our email info@ceramic.vip or chinafineceramics@gmail.com , we will reply to you within 12 hours.

Our Materials:  



Silicon Carbide

Silicon Nitride

Boron Nitride


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