99% Alumina Tube

99% alumina tube

99% Alumina Tube is often used in various fields such as thermometry, metallurgy, machinery, chemical, automotive, military, etc.

Alumina—Aluminium Oxide, as a new advanced material in present and future industries, it has high performance of insulation, thermal&wear resistance, high strength, etc.

99% Alumina Tube Description:

1, Material:

99% aluminum oxide (alumina, Al2O3)

99.5% aluminum oxide (alumina, Al2O3)

2, Size:

1) Out diameter: 0.7mm-200mm

2) Inner diameter: 0.3mm-190mm

3) Length: till 2500mm

3, Application:

1)bushing and insulator

2)furnace liner tube

3)labware and process crucible

4)wear part

5)semi-conductor equipment component


4, Type:

OBE(open both ends),

COE(close one end),



single bore, double bores, four bores

5, Color

White, Ivory, Pink

6, Production Process

CIP, slip casting, extrude

99% Alumina Tube Features:

1)thermal resistance

2)wear resistance

3)stable chemical performance

4)corrosion resistance

5)electrical insulation

6)high compressive strength

Below information is needed:

1, Out diameter(OD), inner diameter(ID), wall thickness and length, better with the drawing

2, Size tolerance of OD, ID , wall thickness and length

3, Material content of alumina

4, Shape of the tube

5, Quantity and size of bores (if with bores)

6, Order quantity

7, Payment

99% Alumina Tube inquiry: Please kindly provide information to our email info@ceramic.vip or chinafineceramics@gmail.com, we will reply to you within 24 hours.

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