Zirconia Ceramics

Zirconia Ceramics (Refer as Zirconium Oxide or ZrO2) has the highest strength and toughness at room temperature of all the advanced ceramic materials. The fine grain size allows for extremely smooth surfaces and sharp edges. Applications include scissors, knives, slitters, pump shafts, metal-forming tools, fixtures, tweezers, wire drawing rings, bearing sleeves and valves, etc.

zirconia ceramics

Zirconia Ceramics Description:


  • Hard, wear-resistant
  • Resists strong acid and alkali attack at elevated temperatures
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Excellent size and shape capability
  • High strength and stiffness

Typical Usage:

  • Electric Insulator
  • Electric Socket&Plug
  • Resister Case
  • Terminal Block&Base
  • Heat Resist Components
  • Fuse Holder
  • Cigar Lighter
  • Dielectric Ceramics
  • Components of Various Shapes
  • Focus Ring & Edge Ring
  • Wafer Finger & Robot Arm
  • Precision Nozzle & Disk
  • Plunger, Pump & Valve
  • Bolt,Nut & Clamp
  • Knife & Cutter,Jig & Fixture
  • Roller for Paper Manufacturing
  • Mechanical Seal&Water Seal
  • High Precision Components
  • Ceramic Liner
  • Automobile Assembly Parts
  • Mechanical Seal Ring
  • Susceptor & Crucible Boat
  • Chemical Pump Parts
  • Carbon&Graphite Components

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Silicon Carbide

Silicon Nitride

Boron Nitride


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