Machinable Glass Ceramics

Machinable Glass Ceramics has a continuous use temperature of 800℃ and a peak temperature of 1000℃. Its coefficient of thermal expansion readily matches most metals and sealing glasses. It processes good machinability and can be lathed, milled, planed, ground, bored, incised and threaded. It also has the advantages of insulation, pore-free, high/low-temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant and thermal impact resistant.

machinable glass ceramics

Machinable glass ceramics advantages:

a) Is machinable with ordinary metalworking tools.
b) Allows fast turnaround, no post firing required.
c) Holds tight tolerances, up to .0005″
d) Withstands high temperature, up to 800
e) Is clean, no outgasing and zero porosity

Machinable Glass Ceramic Application:

a) Electrical or thermal insulator
b) Structural components
c) Semiconductor processing
d) Electrical and optoelectronic equipment
e) Many other uses.

Physical Properties

Color White
Density 2.58 g/cm3
Porosity 0.09%
Young’s Modulus 65 GPa @ 25C°
Rockwell Hardness A Scale 40
Modulus of Rupture 108 MPa
Compressive Strength 488 MPa
Thermal Properties
Thermal Expansion 8.6 ppm @ 100 – 600C°
Thermal Conductivity 1.68 W-mk  @ 25C°
Maximum No Load Temp. 1000C° Short Term
Maximum Long Term Temp.  750C° Continuous
Electrical Properties
Volume Resistivity >1014 0hm-cm
Dielectric Strength 40 KV/mm– AC/DC @ 1mm
Loss Tangent 4 x 10-3 @ 1 KHz
7 x 10-3 @ 8.5 KHz

















Our Materials:  



Silicon Carbide

Silicon Nitride

Boron Nitride


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