fine ceramic products

Our History

Goodlink Advanced Ceramic Co.,Ltd, as one professional manufacturer in advanced ceramic industry for more than 10 years, is supplying high quality and precision ceramic components for customers from all over the world.

Our ceramic products are widely used in various fields such as automotive, metallurgy, machinery, electronic & electrical, food, chemical, military, medical and so on. With experienced engineers and skilled staffs, we are able to evaluate projects and drawing properly, make valuable suggestion and supply satisfied products.

Our advanced ceramic products include: ceramic tube, ceramic ball, ceramic part, ceramic plates, ceramic rods, ceramic rings,etc

The material we could supply include:
– Aluminum Oxide ( 95% 96% 99% 99.5% 99.7% AlO3), zirconia toughed alumina (ZTA), mullite, cordierite, steatite
– Zirconium Oxide ( Yttria stabilized ZrO2 Y-PSZ, Mg-PSZ)
– Silicon Nitride ( gas pressure sintered & hot pressed Si3N4)
– Silicon Carbide ( reactive sintered, pressureless sintered & Recrystallization SiC)
– Aluminum Nitride
– Magnesium Oxide ( MgO)
– Machinable Glass Ceramic
– Boron Nitride